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About Pragati Path Foundation

Pragati Path Foundation is a fully non- profit, non-government organization is registered under Societies Registration Act-1860 (Section 21), registration no.: 04/2011-12 dated April 1st, 2011. Pragati Path Foundation is working for women empowerment and child development in rural and urban aria. Pragati Path Foundation tries to make able to women. Pragati Path Foundation women are trying to maintain the right to equality in society, maintaining their identity and dignity, making them self-sufficient, building their confidence and fear for them and their environment. Community development and family development is only possible when the family is dependent on the development of women and child development. On the way to the development of their educational, economic, health and environment and their rights are required. Women and child development is only possible when all these should be passed right by. Pragati Path meaning is way of development, In keeping with this principle Foundation dedicated youth by the name of organization was to have been led by Neelam Patel. Pragati Path Foundation to empower women and to the overall development of their social status, education, health, environment and sanitation, livelihood and their rights equally works.

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Vision And Mission

Vision Women have a respectable place in society and make the child friendly environment

Mission Women have the right to equality, their identity and respect, their livelihood, better education, health, cleanliness, security, confidence, creating a fearless environment for them.

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